1. Led Corn Lamp 360 with High-cost performance. On average, 1W only needs USD0.07, but it can illuminate an area of 30-40 square meters, and the power consumption is low. It only needs less than 0.1kwh of electricity for 1 hour, which is compared with energy-saving lamps for one year. It can save nearly 10 times the cost.

2. Unique air convection design and novel appearance. There are no products of the same type on the market at present. The intensity of market competition is low. The market is positioned as a mid-to-high-end market, which can effectively make up for your company’s product line and form a low-power bulb to high-power. Large range power selection of bulbs.

3. Adopting our patented light bar, good heat dissipation performance, continuous lighting for 8 hours, the surface temperature is only 95 degrees Celsius, the light will not feel the heat when you close the bulb with your hand, and it is equipped with a professional anti-touch protective cover. Ensure heat dissipation and reduce the risk of accidental touch by children at home.


Model YX-FL-01
Wattage 50W 100W 150W
Voltage AC90~265V
Base E27/E40
Lumens 6000 lm 16000 lm 18000 lm
Color Temperature 2700K-7000K
Power Factor PF > 0.9
Beam Angle 360°
Material Plastic
Lamp Size (mm) Ф108*H175 Ф108*H240 Ф108*H304
Brand Name ENSHINE
Warranty 3 Years

Key Features

  • High-cost performance
  • Unique air convection design and novel appearance
  • Adopting our patented light chip, good heat dissipation performance



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