Use two or more pin lamp holders, with the center point of the pin 4mm away from the compound lamp bead, according to the G4 standard. The three-dimensional luminous LED light source has a greater luminous flux than an ordinary integrated surface light source, as well as superior heat dissipation capacity and more stable optical performance due to structural benefits.

The three-dimensional luminous LED light source G4 lamp has commenced mass industrial production and is extensively utilized in various exposition halls and residences, based on the numerous benefits of the aforementioned three-dimensional luminous LED light source.


Model YX-G4
Wattage 4W 6W 8W
Voltage AC 220V
Light Effect 100 LM/W
Lumens 400 LM 600 LM 800 LM
Color Temperature 2700~7000K
Power Factor PF >0.9
Color Rendering Index Ra>80
Beam Angle 360°
Material Die-cast aluminium+PC
Size Φ18×H56mm Φ20×H60mm Φ22×H60mm
Average Life 25000 Hrs
Brand Name ENSHINE
Warranty 2 Years

Key Features

1. Using high-quality Epistar SMD LED as a light source.

2. No Mercury, no UV or IR radiation, EMI free, completely green, and ford focus 3 environmental.

3. Instant start, gentle light, no shadow, no flickering, eye-protective.

4. High light efficiency, low power consumption, effectively saving energy costs.

5. High power factor(>0.9), completely conforms to the requirements of the state power grid.

6. High CRI>80, vivid color rendering.

7. Energy efficient, 95% energy saving compared with traditional CFL grille light.

8. Long life span, more than 25,000 hours, >2 years use, greatly reduce the cost of light source replacement and maintenance.

9. Good adaptability, easy installation, and can completely replace traditional grille light.

Application Areas

  • Living room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Bedroom, etc.
  • Widely used in crystal light and downlight;
  • Perfectly replace existing JC, JCD, or G9 halogen bulb.


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